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LIV Golf Staff
Oct 12 2023
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London Hydration Bynder

Sustainable Golf Week, which promotes the connection between golf and sustainability, is being celebrated this week.

Jonathan Smith, the executive director of GEO Foundation for the international non-profit Sustainable Golf, calls it “an opportunity for golf to reflect on some of the most pressing environmental and social issues of current and future generations.”

LIV Golf is proud to join the many institutions and organizations that promote this important initiative and use the power of golf to make a positive impact on the environment.

“We have an ambitious plan to really accelerate the positive environmental impact that LIV Golf can make through our events.” said Jake Jones, LIV Golf’s Senior Vice President of Impact & Sustainability. “We’re at the start of the journey and the learning from the impact that Sustainable Golf Week showcases is an inspiration.”

LIV Golf is building a robust framework to ensure all events have a sustainability plan, which includes the protection and further positive enhancement of the biodiversity of our host venues, preventing negative impacts on the environment, and putting sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

In honor of Sustainable Golf Week, here are four steps that LIV Golf already has taken since launching 16 months ago.

TOURNAMENT ACTIVATIONS. During the first full year of the LIV Golf League in 2023, its tournaments across the globe have diverted over 230 tonnes (507,000 pounds) from local landfills. In addition, more than 21 tonnes (46,000 pounds) of recoverable food have been donated to local shelters and food banks.

REDUCTION FIRST. LIV Golf encourages water bottle reduction and offers fans a place to hydrate along the course. Hydration refill stations resulted in a saving of 239,000 plastic water bottles from use in 2023.

POTENTIAL, UNLEASHED. LIV Golf is forging partnerships with host facilities, creating a network of sustainability leaders, and impacting local communities through its Potential, Unleashed initiative. In addition, calculations are recorded on the carbon impact for each tournament to best prepare an action plan for emissions and energy reduction.

IMPACT ZONE. A fixture in the Fan Village at each tournament, the Impact Zone drives awareness of sustainability. Fans pedal kinetic energy bikes, compete in golf challenges, and engage with local environmental and social non-profits.

To learn more about LIV Golf’s Impact and Sustainability strategy, click here.