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About LIV Golf

LIV Golf is here to modernize and supercharge the wonderful sport of golf. The LIV Golf League is for the millions of us who love golf already – and for millions more who are just getting started. Our mission is to build on and complement the existing format of professional golf and take it to new levels of excitement and engagement with generations of fans. With events across the world, the LIV Golf League is bringing the game – and those who love to play and watch it – to new places. 

Our events represent an opportunity to revitalize and reinvigorate golf, while helping to bring new audiences to the game. Golf is a sport full of existing traditions. The LIV Golf League intends to create new ones through our innovative and transformational approach. We believe our new format will bring fans closer to the game and generate fresh levels of excitement for the sport. And we’ll complement this using our social programs that are designed to change millions of young lives across the globe for the better.  


This is golf, but not as you know it.  

13 teams. 54 Players.  

No cuts. And shotgun starts. 


Round 3Tee Off - 12:05PM
Jun 2123
The GroveNashville, USA