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Cam Smith on the 12th At Adelaide

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The Watering Hole

The Watering Hole at No.12 is one of the most raucous arenas you’ll find anywhere in golf. It’s a continuous wave of energy, surging right round the playing area. All four hospitality venues overlook the hole, but each has its own unique feel.  

Last year the 12th witnessed LIV Golf’s first ever hole-in-one. And it went off, big time. Be there, right in the middle of it to see what happens in 2024.   

Choose your place at the party from the options below.  

Shark Shack Image

Shark Shack at the Watering Hole

Take your place in the noise section  

Shark Shack is the beating heart of the Watering Hole, the place where the hardiest revellers congregate. With a live DJ and three drinks per ticket-holder, this is a joint where you can really bring the noise.  

But it’s not just about the great vibes and the lively tribe. Shark Shack is an ideal spot to watch golf, with prime views of the 12th tee as well as the 11th and 12th greens.   

The Beach Club Adelaide Placeholder Image

The Beach Club at the Watering Hole 

Treat your friends and clients to a new kind of golf  

This luxury open-air venue is perched at the sharp end of the 12th, right over the flag, and it’s inspired by the blissful beach houses along Adelaide’s golden coastline.  

You’ll catch every shot from a bird’s eye terrace, featuring an all-inclusive bar and light bites all day. Whether you’re coming to win new clients, impress old ones or simply treat your friends to a different kind of golf day, this is the place to do it.  

The Garden

The Garden at the Watering Hole / The Garden Skybox

The Garden at the Watering Hole 

Share your passion in a laid-back atmosphere  

Situated alongside the tee box on the Watering Hole, this open-air venue gives you live music in a vibrant atmosphere with beer, wine or soft drink included. 

You’re right in the thick of things here, so you can enjoy the vibe, chat to those around you or simply focus on the action.  The party’s all around you, and the golf is front and centre.    

The Garden Skybox  

Add a touch of platinum to everything  


Our semi-private Sky Boxes create your own little space at the front of The Garden, so you can add an extra touch of luxury to the party. You’ll have your own dedicated wait staff, and spirits are included in the drinks options. 


You’ll be even closer to the course than the rest of The Garden, and your seats are reserved. So if you fancy going off and exploring the rest of the course, no-one’s going to take your spot. 

Cellar Door Image

The Cellar Door at the Watering Hole/Cellar Door Skybox

The Cellar Door at the Watering Hole

Enjoy platinum hospitality where it’s all happening  

The Cellar Door is an ultra-premium climate-controlled venue for those who want to really live it up. You’ll be on top of the green, just metres from the action, with a multi-course menu and fully open bar.  

This is the very top end of the Watering Hole, where you can join the party while also savouring classic hospitality.   


Cellar Door Skybox  

Add an extra V to your VIP experience  


Now you can claim the most exclusive area in the most luxurious part of the course. Our semi-private Sky Boxes give you a private viewing area within Cellar Door, with the best seats reserved for your party and a dedicated wait service.  

You’ll enjoy all the benefits of Cellar Door - the semi-private viewing area, the fully open bar, the multi-course menu - and take them up a notch. This is elite luxury with a couple of extra stars on top.  

Biedie Shack Adelaide

Birdie Shack

Join the biggest party in golf.  

Our events bring you golf, but LOUDER – and the Birdie Shack is one of the loudest. This vibrant open-air enclosure on the 1st green and 4th tee box puts you and your friends in the middle of the party, with live DJs all day and three drinks included (beer, wine, or soft drinks).   

So, you can sing, chant and share great vibes with your tribe. Everyone around you will be doing the same.  

Image of Crowd from Adelaide


Experience the newest addition to our hospitality range 

Barossa is new for 2024, and it’s inspired by the noise and color that made LIV Golf Adelaide so memorable last season. 

You’ll enjoy prime views of the 14th and 16th green, as well as outgoing views of the 15th tee, from the highest vantage point on the whole course. The atmosphere’s warm and relaxed, and you’ll find a wide range of drinks available for purchase. 

Club 54 Adelaide

Club 54

Get up close, watch in comfort and enjoy fine dining… all in one package.  

Club 54 is a climate-controlled destination atop the crucial 18th green which gives you the very best of everything.   

First you can watch the players warm up in a private area on the range with your own hand-made drink. Then sit back and watch them go to work from a luxury open-air lounge directly behind the green, with a chef-led multi-course menu brimming with local delights.    

A 5-star experience for your clients. An unforgettable moment with your friends.  

*VIP Parking waiting for you.  

Gallery Club Adelaide

Gallery Club / Gallery Club Skybox

Gallery Club 

Share great moments with your favourite people.  

The Gallery Club is a premium hospitality venue at the sharp end of the course, with a price plan that’s perfect for larger groups.  

You and your guests will be right over the 9th green, and you’ll enjoy every shot in a covered open-air space. There’ll be unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks, with quick-bite options to graze all day. And if you fancy getting closer to the action, you can go down and follow the players hole to hole.    

Gallery Club Skybox  

Add a touch of platinum to everything  

Our semi-private Sky Boxes give you the best of the Gallery Club and add extra luxury everywhere. Same food, same view, same buzz… only now you’re closer to the green and you’ve got spirits on your drinks menu.  


Your seats are reserved, and you’ll have your own dedicated wait staff. So, you can go down to the course without losing your vantage point or spend the entire day at your table and have everything brought to you.  

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