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May 10 2024
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LIV Line

The LIV Line, a groundbreaking feature within LIV Golf broadcasts, has been named the Innovation of the Year by the 2024 Sports Technology Awards.

Utilizing the latest shot-tracer technology, the LIV Line focuses on putting attempts, and shows the optimal line from golf ball to hole, as well as the aim point at address. Visual Vertigo, which has partnered with LIV Golf to deliver the innovation, has incorporated putting visuals that accurately reflect the undulations of the green, and LIV Lines from ground level as well as overhead provide multiple key perspectives for the putt.

The award was announced Thursday in London during the annual Sports Technology Awards ceremony. The Innovation of the Year category “celebrates the best technological innovation in sports," and judges commented that the LIV Line is “a novel idea that has a lot of growth potential within golf and possibly across other sports too…. crown bowls? cricket? skiing? Solid entry. [The innovation] enhances viewer experience and [is] a boon to golfers with the Shot Tracer app.”

LIV Golf Vice President of Media Management and Delivery Michael Broomfield was on hand to accept the award alongside Visual Vertigo CEO Alex Kles, who said: "I am thrilled to share our excitement in receiving the Innovation of the Year award at the Sports Technology Awards.

“This prestigious recognition is a testament to the relentless hard work, creativity, and innovative spirit of our team in partnership with LIV Golf. Together, we have crafted a groundbreaking piece of broadcast technology that is transforming how fans engage with golf broadcasts.

"This award fuels our commitment to continue advancing the boundaries of technology in sports broadcasting, ensuring an immersive and dynamic viewer experience. We are immensely proud of this achievement and are motivated to keep pushing the limits of what's possible."

LIV Golf Chief Media Officer Will Staeger added that the putting graphics "give some insight to the choices made by the players once they arrive on the green.”

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