Written by
Mike McAllister
Sep 22 2023
- 4 min
Scorecard Bynder

SUGAR GROVE, Ill. – The traditional scoring tent, where players stop after their rounds to sign their scorecards, is a thing of the past at LIV Golf tournaments.

Starting with this week’s LIV Golf Chicago, all players will sign their cards immediately after rounds on their finishing greens before returning to the clubhouse via carts.

Previously, only players who finish their final rounds on the 18th green have been signing their cards on the greens this season. After shooting his historic 58 at Greenbrier, Bryson DeChambeau signed his card under an umbrella during rainy conditions.

But Friday’s first round at Rich Harvest Farms will be the first time all 48 players will be involved in the new post-round signing process. It’s a by-product of LIV Golf’s shotgun start that results in players finishing on different holes. The goal is to speed up the process.

“This will improve the speed and turnaround for scoring a round,” said David Benne, LIV Golf’s Senior Vice President of Competition Management in Events. “We’ve been doing it on 18 all year long and sometimes a few other holes, so several players have experienced it and have been receptive.”

Indeed, the players are supportive of the new procedure.

“I think it’s cool,” said HyFlyers GC’s Cameron Tringale. “With the format and the shotgun, you’re finished. You’re officially done sooner without the drive back to scoring. You can get to practice, get on with your night, treatment – whatever you need to do. I just think it solidifies everything sooner, which is good.”

Ripper GC’s Marc Leishman recalled during the most recent tournament in Bedminster that he had to race back to the scorer’s tent to sign his scorecard after finishing on the first hole, then raced to the 18th green to watch his captain Cameron Smith seal both the individual and team trophies.

Under the new procedure, he can sign his scorecard immediately and then head straight to 18 or wherever else he’s needed.

“It’ll be a big deal on Sunday,” Leishman said. “If we could’ve done this with scorecards in Bedminster, it would’ve made things easier. It’s a good thing.”

LIV Golf’s Scoring Support Ambassadors that follow each group are all trained to verify scores and will collect the scorecards.

If there is an issue, players will always have the option to consult with the Rules Committee prior to signing their cards. Video reviews will continue to be available as needed.