Written by
LIV Golf Staff
May 09 2024
- 4 MIN

LIV Golf hosted its inaugural Sustainability Summit during 2024 LIV Golf Singapore – opening the external conversation around the LIV Green ambition of becoming a climate-positive league by 2030. Over 60 delegates, along with 10 invited speakers, were in attendance from across the APAC region.

The summit included five hours of engaging discussions, led by Jake Jones, LIV Golf’s Senior Vice President of Impact & Sustainability, with contributors from Google, The R&A, Conservation International, Melati Wijsen from YouthTopia and Majesticks GC.

The summit focused on how the golf industry can elevate its ability to meet the challenges of the climate, biodiversity, and pollution crises. Topics were wide-ranging, from sustainability-focused policy change to the latest innovations in golf course agronomy, and the requirement to bring fans and players across the whole ecosystem on the sustainability journey together.

The event also sought to engage input from the delegates on LIV Golf’s impact strategy Potential, Unleashed – in particular, LIV Green, the program dedicated to sustainability.

A 90-minute roundtable session, involving all delegates, tested ideas relating to supporting the natural environment and biosystem, event and broadcast delivery, and fan engagement.

In our push to be climate positive by 2030, LIV Golf also introduced its new program, LIV LABS, during the sustainability summit. The programme positions the golf industry as a 'living laboratory' for developing and testing sustainable solutions. By supporting and investing in innovative partnerships, LIV LABS aims to accelerate projects that deliver environmental value to the industry and beyond, solidifying the sport's commitment to sustainability.

LIV Golf has been working hard for the past two years to create the greatest possible impact and be the most sustainable golf league it can be, and you can find more about the ambition at www.livgolf.com/potential-unleashed.

As part of the Summit and LIV Golf’s ongoing commitment to improving how sustainability is embedded into the way it operates, LIV Golf delivered a range of actions and initiatives at the Sentosa Golf Club event to reduce the environmental impact where possible. A selection of those actions are shown below:


  • 40% of LIV Golf Singapore was powered by renewable energy. Through a combination of 2 Batteries and 24,000L of Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil biofuel.

    • Reducing our event CO2 emissions by 58,340 Kg, while saving 3741L of diesel fuel.

      • This is the equivalent of 240,126 km driven by an average gas-powered car, 3.8 million smartphones charged or carbon savings from 965 tree seedlings grown for a decade! (Source: www.epa.gov)


  • We used, and will continue to reuse, 700 of the signs at LIV Golf Singapore.

  • Hospitality structures, including the interiors, will be reused across other events.

  • Food waste will be partially processed by Sentosa Golf Club waste digesters for use as ground fertilizer.

  • Helping to save an estimated 30% on monthly waste disposal over a one-year period.


  • All hospitality structures used 100% LED lighting.

  • Use of remote monitoring (ARM) to ensure that generator performance can be analyzed to ensure equipment is always running at peak efficiency.


  • 16 water stations were provided around the course.

  • These stations had the capacity to save 10,000 x 500ml plastic bottles per day.

Supply Chain Engagement

  • Key event suppliers were engaged during the event planning, regarding actions they could take across topics including but not limited to: reducing energy, optimize reuse and using resources more efficiently and procuring locally. This was documented through a sustainable event plan.