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Mike McAllister
Nov 15 2022
- 5 Minutes

This 2022 review of Majesticks GC is part of a series of stories looking back at each of the 12 teams during the inaugural LIV Golf Invitational season. 

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A major winner and Olympic medalist. A former world No. 1. A fiery match-play specialist who thrives in team environments. The veteran trio of Henrik Stenson, Lee Westwood and Ian Poulter provided the kind of established credentials (a combined 83 career pro wins) that no other threesome on any other LIV Golf team could match. No surprise that Majesticks GC was one of this season's most popular and identifiable teams.

Fame aside, how did the Majesticks fare inside the ropes? Three podium finishes in the seven regular-season events must be applauded, and a quarterfinals sweep at the Team Championship was another high point. Stenson's individual win in his LIV Golf debut was the ultimate testament to chip-on-your-shoulder motivation, coming just days after being relieved of his Ryder Cup captaincy.

The Majesticks were never able to pop the champagne on a team victory, though, and that likely goes down as a source of frustration. However, it also gives them ample motivation for 2023. No doubt they've wholeheartedly bought into the team concept – just check out the logos on their calf socks. Winning a team title is next on the checklist.

Roster movement

The all-English lineup of Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter, Sam Horsfield and Laurie Canter played together for the first two events, with Poulter starting the season in London as captain and Westwood taking over the duties starting in Portland. For the third event in Bedminster, Henrik Stenson replaced Canter. For the next event in Boston, Stenson became ill and was forced to withdraw, with replacement player Shergo Al Kurdi taking his spot. Stenson returned for Chicago, and the lineup stayed intact the remainder of the season. Poulter returned to the captain's position for the season finale, the Team Championship.

PlayerMajesticks GC starts

Lee Westwood


Ian Poulter


Sam Horsfield


Henrik Stenson


Laurie Canter


Shergo Al Kurdi


Top Moments

TEAM: Henrik Stenson's WD in Boston due to vertigo was a cruel loss of a player in form, with the Swede coming off his Bedminster win. Everyone could have forgiven the Majesticks for being less competitive, and through two rounds, they were mired in 10th place, eight strokes out of the money. But on the final day, Westwood produced arguably the round of the year, threatening 59 before settling for 62. Sam Horsfield added his low score of the year, a 65, and Stenson's replacement, 19-year-old Shergo Al Kurdi, provided an unexpected but brilliant 66. Shooting a cumulative 17 under, the Majesticks made up enough ground to pass Iron Heads GC and take third-place money by a single stroke.

INDIVIDUAL: At the Majesticks press conference on the eve of LIV Golf Bedminster, Henrik Stenson said he was "moving on" after being removed as Europe's Ryder Cup captain. A few days later, he moved up – specifically, to the top of the podium after winning by two strokes. An opening 7-under 64 gave him a share of the lead, and he followed with consecutive 69s in a three-day display of shot-making skills and mental focus. "I think there might have been a little bit of extra motivation in there this week," Stenson said. "When we as players have that, I think we can bring out the good stuff."


LEE WESTWOOD. One of only four LIV golfers to have points in at least six regular-season events, the 49-year-old Westwood provided consistency as well as leadership while assuming captain's duties for the majority of the year. He also showed why he was at one point the world's No. 1 golfer. In Bedminster, he ranked first in the field in fairways hit and greens in regulation. "A joy to watch," Martin Kaymer told Westwood in the final round. And in Boston, Westwood's final-round 62 was a thing of beauty, despite a couple of stumbles down the stretch that cost him a chance at 59. It was the first 62 shot in LIV Golf and tied for lowest score of the year.

Others considered: Henrik Stenson, of course, who delivered the lone trophy for the Majesticks with his individual win in Bedminster.

Regular Season Counting Scores

LONDON (-5), 3rd place
Rd. 1: Canter 69, Horsfield 69
Rd. 2: Poulter 66, Horsfield 70
Rd. 3: Horsfield 68, Canter 71, Westwood 72
Prize earnings: $500,000

PORTLAND (Even), 8th place
Rd. 1: Horsfield 73, Canter 75
Rd. 2: Horsfield 68, Westwood 71
Rd. 3: Westwood 69, Horsfield 74, Poulter 74

BEDMINSTER (-17), 2nd place
Rd. 1: Stenson 64, Poulter 68
Rd. 2: Stenson 69, Westwood 69
Rd. 3: Stenson 69, Horsfield 70, Westwood 71
Prize earnings: $1,500,000

BOSTON (-27), 3rd place
Rd. 1: Westwood 67, Poulter 69
Rd. 2: Westwood 67, Poulter 67
Rd. 3: Westwood 62, Horsfield 65, Al Kurdi 66
Prize earnings: $500,000

CHICAGO (-7), 10th place
Rd. 1: Stenson 68, Westwood 68
Rd. 2: Poulter 70, Westwood 71
Rd. 3: Westwood 72, Stenson 74, Poulter 74

BANGKOK (-32), 7th place
Rd. 1: Poulter 66, Westwood 69, Stenson 71
Rd. 2: Westwood 66, Poulter 70, Horsfield 70
Rd. 3: Horsfield 67, Stenson 68, Poulter 69

JEDDAH (-18), 7th place
Rd. 1: Westwood 67, Poulter 68, Horsfield 69
Rd. 2: Westwood 68, Poulter 68, Horsfield 70
Rd. 3: Stenson 66, Westwood 68, Horsfield 68

Team Championship

QUARTERFINALS: Defeated Iron Heads GC, 3-0

  • Poulter def. Na, 4 & 2

  • Westwood def. Kim, 4 & 3

  • Horsfield/Stenson def. Kaewkanjana/Khongwatmai, 4 & 2

SEMIFINALS: Lost to Smash GC, 3-0

  • Poulter lost to B. Koepka, 3 & 1

  • Westwood lost to Uihlein, 4 & 2

  • Horsfield/Stenson lost to Kokrak/C. Koepka, 1 up

Prize earnings: $3,000,000

By The Numbers

– Top 10 individual point finishes by Majesticks players (Horsfield 5th in London; Stenson 1st, Westwood 9th in Bedminster; Westwood 4th in Boston)

9 – Birdies in his first 15 holes by Westwood in final round of Boston

62 – Lowest score shot by any Majesticks player during the regular season (Westwood, Rd. 3 in Boston, tying for lowest round of the year by any LIV golfer)

69.52 – Lee Westwood's scoring average for his 21 regular season rounds

69.83 – Henrik Stenson's scoring average for his 12 regular season rounds

70.33 – Scoring average for all Majesticks GC players during the seven regular season events (course average was 71.0)

70.52 – Sam Horsfield's scoring average for his 21 regular season rounds

70.62 – Ian Poulter's scoring average for his 21 regular season rounds

73 – Combined fairways hit by Westwood (37) and Stenson (36) in Bedminster, ranking them 1-2 in the field in that category

84 – Combined greens in regulation by Westwood (42) and Stenson (41) in Bedminster, ranking them 1-2 in the field in that category

The Final Word

"Just the whole aspect of following a team, whether you support Formula 1 or you support a race team or McLaren, if it's in the NBA and you follow the Orlando Magic, whatever it is, we all have team we like to watch, and for the first time we have that ability every single time we go and play golf. That's what's cool. We've had so many messages on our social channels which say we love Team Majesticks, so we're already starting to build the fan situation there, and hopefully we can continue that and we can have a global audience that obviously want to follow certain teams."